Jazz Noir 2015- Morning Follows Night

August 24, 2015

Tune in to our 2015 Jazz Noir presentation of a new original radio drama Morning Follows Night by award-winning playwrights Christina Ham, Dominic Orlando and Josh Wilder with a jazz music score composed and performed by Chris Bates, Steven Hobert and Solomon Parham.

Jazz Noir is originated and produced by Kevin Barnes. Ed Jones directed the cast.

This is the 3rd production in our "Jazz Noir" radio series teaming Minnesota writers with Minnesota jazz composers to collaboratively originate a new original radio drama and jazz score set historically in the Twin Cities. 

The production was performed, recorded and broadcast live  at Vieux Carré in St. Paul on Sunday, April 26th.

John Scherf recorded and post-produced the performance. 

Morning Follows Night Plot Summary
Cutty Franklin is many things: a decorated World War II hero, a fan of the Near North Jazz scene... and an ex-con. After he’s released from prison, Cutty will stop at nothing to find out the real reason why he was double-crossed in a blackmail scheme that went South really quickly. Over a 10 year time span,
Morning Follows Night captures the 24-karat Jazz clubs of the Near North Side to the mint movie houses of Minneapolis in this violent game of blackmail and revenge.

Cast- Ansa Akyea, Bruce Bohne, Jane Froiland, Carolyn Pool,Eric Sharp and Edwin Strout.

Musicians- Chris Bates (Bass), Steven Hobert (Piano), Solomon Parham (Trumpet).

Sound Effects/Foley originated and produced by Brian Barnes.

Jazz Noir is made possible through support provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Morning Follows Night                                                        

by Christina Ham, Dominic Orlando and Josh Wilder

Director’s Notes by Ed Jones

ACT I     Near North   by Dominic Orlando

An African-American war hero, Cutty, is drawn into the dark world of Crime Lord Danny Cohen by the beautiful, tarnished angel, Pearl. We’re in familiar Film Noir territory here: deception, betrayal and murder with the hero played for a patsy—all based on real happenings and personalities in Minneapolis of the late 1940’s.

ACT II   Hell Hath No Fury   by Christina Ham

Hold on to your hats as we venture into terra incognita: the mind of budding-screenwriter, Muzzy. There’s real danger here as Muzzy enters into an unholy alliance with the ego-driven gangster, Danny, to bring the events of ACT I to the silver screen--with himself as the hero, of course. Can an artist write to spec, no matter how attractive the offer, or must she be driven by her muse to constantly seek the truth, even at her own peril? Who is the mysterious Jade: is she merely Danny’s pawn, or is she the puppet master? What is real and what is the product of Muzzy’s fevered imagination? Stylistically we’ve left Noir behind for the gritty social drama, wherein the disgraced hero fights his way out of Tarsus with the help of a sassy, capable woman.

ACT III    The Screaming Songbird    by Josh Wilder

We go even further afield, into the world of screwball comedy, as Muzzy’s creations revolt. Muzzy will learn, as all writers eventually do, that it’s the characters who determine the story and she is merely their stenographer.


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