The Best of Jazz@MPS 2016-17

March 13, 2017

Tonight on Jazz@MPS we feature the best of Minneapolis High School Jazz Music recorded over the last year. Songs included come from Roosevelt, South, Southwest, Washburn, JAM, the Riley Trio and more. Only found here on Jazz@MPS.


The Feels- A Night of Resilience

March 1, 2017

Full performances from Lady TCB, King Fuvi, Trevor Wade, and Proper-T (recorded on Febuary 16, 2016)

**Audio contains explicit language**

The Feels presented by Jazz 88 and Soul Tools Entertainment, is where hip hop and jazz meet. It's a night of live instrumentation featuring singers, poets, emcees, comedians and more. The Feels (formerly The Feel Good Revolution) provides a space for art, entertainment, and healing to become synonymous with monthly themes dedicated to removing the stigma of mental health and healthy lifestyle choices. Throughout the night artists will perform original and cover art that inspires them to be their best selves. 

The event will be recorded and featured on Jazz 88
Sponsored by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and ANSR MN.


Jazz in the Target Atrium: Ballads

October 29, 2016

A radio edit of the October 21, 2016 performance that opens the series' third season.  A reflection on the ballads recordings of John Coltrane solo and with Johnny Hartman.

Jeremy Walker, piano / artistic director
Rodolfo Nieto, vocals
Brandon Wozniak, saxophone
Jeff Bailey, bass
Kevin Washington, drums


Twin Cities Weekend - Pop Wagner and Bob Bovee Have Quite a Time at Crossings at Carnegie in Zumbrota

October 24, 2016

With Pop and Bob, it’s not only a night of old-time songs. The two have a way of keeping their act fresh with wit. While they have performed together about 40 years, and some of their fans have been with them all that time, new fans come to their shows, all the time. Pop talked about it all with Phil Nusbaum.


Twin Cities Weekend - Connie Evingson Sings the Great American Songbook

October 17, 2016

Connie Evingson is one of the leading jazz vocalists in Minnesota. And she’s presenting a show of great songs that figure prominently in the history of American pop. Many of the songs have surprising backgrounds, too. She told Phil Nusbaum all about her November 6, 2016 show


Talkin’ About Jazz w. saxophonist Dave Karr

October 8, 2016

Guitarist Joan Griffith hosts and duets with Minnesota jazz greats.


Talkin’ About Jazz with Claire Altendahl

October 6, 2016

hosted by Joan Griffith


Twin Cities Weekend - Maud Hixson Presents Judy Garland, Jazz Singer

October 3, 2016

Judy Garland, the 20th century show-biz icon from Minnesota is one of Maud Hixson’s great inspirations as a singer. Maud has rounded up a group of Garland’s greatest, and presents a show called What Judy Means to Jazz, Nov 4-6 at the Bloomington Arts Center. Maud told Phil Nusbaum about it. 

photo by: Olivia Wilcox


Twin Cities Weekend - The Roseville Big Bands Struts its Stuff this Weekend at Edinborough park

September 26, 2016

The Roseville Big Band brings its special arrangements to an Edina concert on Oct 2. Band director Glenn Newton tells Phil Nusbaum about it.